What are the benefits of our premium community?

Lifetime free updates of the list according to the wishes of the community
The group admins will provide exclusive bonus content
No more unsatisfied customers because of long delivery times
No more problems with customs duties
Better product quality
Access to reliable business partners for a long term successful business

How to get access to our premium community?

Just follow a few simple steps to be part of it:
1. Be a customer (Buy one or more of our premium supplier lists)
2. Klick on the link to our Facebook group (DropshippingMerchantEU & USA Premium Community)
3. After that provide your order e-mail address and your order number before you send the request to join the group
4. A group admin will accept your request

If you have trouble with one of these steps just send us a quick message an we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.
Send the message to: